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Here you will find all the latest news regarding time tracking solutions and timesheet software offered by Softerra.


Time-Tractor Standard 6.3 and Time-Tractor Enterprise 6.3 have been released.

Among other advanced features, these versions include clients authorization support and multiple currencies support.
To learn more about the complete version 6.3 functionality, as well as to have a look at a brief overview on each of the versions previously released, please consult the following sections:


Time-Tractor now supports German language.

German localization is included in Time-Tractor installation package.


Time-Tractor Standard 6.2 and Time-Tractor Enterprise 6.2 have been released.

Among other advanced features, these versions include styles support and Russian localization.


Time Assistant has been successfully tested and is proved to work fine with PHP version 5.0 and MySQL 4.0.


New Time-Tractor Enterprise 6.1 Now Available Online.

In response to numerous customer feedback requests, Softerra has launched a new online service for Time-Tractor Enterprise 6.1, which also includes PDA support. All interested parties are welcome to enjoy a three months trial period for free. Click link to Online Registration for more details.


Time-Tractor Standard 6.1 and Time-Tractor Enterprise 6.1 have been released.

This version introduces the concept of User Absence with several corresponding job types, reports and rates. This feature enables you to correctly manage and log employees’ leaves, day-offs and vacations. Also, the ability to view user rates is now permission-based. Among other improvements in this version are several new report types, reworked report printing layout, extended date formats, several new filters for projects display and minor interface improvements.


Time-Tractor PDA Client now supports Pocket PC.

The Time-Tractor PDA Client, originally designed to support Palm and WinCE, today introduces Pocket PC among its compatible standards. With this brand new release, remote time management using PDA has now become even more convenient. For more details, please visit the PDA Support site page.


Time-Tractor Site has taken on a great new look.

The Time-Tractor product site now presents a brand new design conceived to make the site look livelier and be more pleasant and catching for the eye. Also improved has been the way the content is organized, so we hope you'll find it not just stylish and impressively looking, but also yet more informative. Please enjoy!


Time-Tractor Standard 6.0 and Time-Tractor Enterprise 6.0 have been released.

The brand new product versions now introduce multiple Manager levels, largely modified Permissions, extended application settings, handier reports and many more great features.


Free Online Service is soon to be restricted due to heavy database overload.

Softerra regrets to announce that due to heavy overload of our Time-Tractor On-Line database, we have no other choice than to restrict the trial period from 'unlimited' to 'three months' (with the restriction effective starting October 15, 2003). From that date on, after the trial is over, users will no longer be entitled to adding any more time records. However, the fact of the above restriction being imposed will not in any way affect the time data previously entered - it will stay intact, stored securely in the database. In case you wish to continue using the online service, you'll need to a request that is going to be considered in terms of either an option of creating a special custom online account with a flexible validity term, or switching to the Intranet version with free data transfer granted.


Time-Tractor Standard 5.1 and Time-Tractor Enterprise 5.1 have been released.

The key improvement implemented in this version is an ability to specify total number of hours spent on a task instead of just entering start and end times. These versions also include the Client Rate Management System, so now the Invoice Report can be received based on user or client rates.


Time-Tractor Standard 5.0 and Time-Tractor Enterprise 5.0 have been released.

Among other advanced features, these versions also include calculation of expenses and multilanguage support.


Time-Tractor Standard 4.5 and Time-Tractor Enterprise 4.5 have been released.

The main advantage of the latest Softerra Time-Tractor versions compared to the previous releases is a brand new interface design that brings the application's look and feel to a much higher level. The Enterprise version also introduces the project tasks support.


Time-Tractor Light 4.1, Time-Tractor Standard 4.1 and Time-Tractor Enterprise 4.1 released.

These versions include PDA Support for Palm and WinCE. For more information please check out the PDA Support page.


Softerra added a new payment option to its online payment system.

Online customers can now pay using Revecom (PaySystems) - the leading developer and provider of trusted, proprietary, high-quality electronic transaction processing and payment products and services.
With this new improvement Softerra is now offering much more flexible and secure e-commerce options to provide superior payment processing.


Time-Tractor Light 4.0, Time-Tractor Standard 4.0 and Time-Tractor Enterprise 4.0 released.

Answering numerous customer feedback requests, Softerra presented three different versions of Time-Tractor.


Time-Tractor 3.2 released.

The latest release has a number of new features: export to XLS (Excel) and CSV (comma-separated) files, online help, etc.


Time-Tractor is now capable of supporting an Oracle database

An Intranet version of Softerra Time-Tractor has become equipped with an Oracle database option. With our new version, you can now install Time-Tractor on either MySQL or Oracle database.


Time-Tractor 3.0 released.

Softerra is proud to announce the release of Time-Tractor 3.0. The new version was made based on our analysis of numerous requests and feedbacks from Time-Tractor.com users and we hope that now Time-Tractor becomes a more convenient and efficient tool for your business.


Time-Tractor 2.01 released.

This version features some minor improvements and bug fixes detected thanks to your precious feedbacks.


Time-Tractor 2.0 released.

Softerra is proud to announce its new powerful and easy to use web portal for online time and cost management. This is a complete online toolset for companies and individuals needing to carefully track and analyze their working time. Time-Tractor.com is a totally FREE online solution. Try it and you´ll optimize your working time and increase your productivity.

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