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Please check out the entire list of improvements introduced in each of the latest Time-Tractor releases.

Time-Tractor 6.2

Compared to version 6.1:

  • Styles
  • Russian language support
  • New calendar
  • Enhanced user interface

Time-Tractor 6.1

Compared to version 6.0:

  • User Absence functionality support
  • Absence Type Rates
  • Permission scheme for User Rates viewing
  • Extended Projects settings (enabled/disabled/required)
  • Ability to disable adding/editing of Project/Tasks records with different Statuses
  • Extended filters for displaying Projects
  • Absence reports
  • Current Client Rates report
  • Extended date formats
  • New print layout of reports
  • Enhanced user interface

Time-Tractor 6.0

Compared to version 5.1:

  • Manager Levels Management (Enterprise version)
  • Major Permissions changes
  • Major Application Settings changes
  • Personalized Display Settings
  • Filtering by Clients/Departments in Reports
  • Extended Timesheet Reports
  • Pay Periods
  • Horizontal Calendar
  • Default User and Client Rates
  • Breaks in Timesheet records
  • Individual day off/holiday settings
  • Intranet logon
  • Enhanced user interface

Time-Tractor 5.1

Compared to version 5.0:

  • Task duration option (in addition to Start/End time)
  • Assigning work tpes to multiple departments
  • Client Rates management system
  • Tasks Report
  • Upgraded Permissions

Time-Tractor 5.0

Compared to version 4.5:

  • Expenses (in the Enterprise version)
  • Project Estimate
  • Multilingual support
  • Additional Profile settings
  • Custom Holidays and Days Off in the Calendar
  • Minor changes in Permissions

Time-Tractor 4.5

Compared to version 4.1:

  • Brand New Interface Design
  • Project Tasks (in the Enterprise version)
  • Project ID
  • Ability to Disable Users from the System
  • Client Invoice

Time-Tractor 4.1

These versions include PDA Support for Palm and WinCE.

In response to numerous customer feedback requests, Softerra has introduced three different versions of Time-Tractor, presenting the following improvements compared to version 3.2:

  • Approvals (in the Enterprise version)
  • Status Center - use the Web to determine whether or not a staff member is in, out, at lunch or on vacation.
  • New report types like:
    • Summary Report by Employee
    • Salary Report per Department
    • TimeTable Report
    • Employees Involved in Projects Report
    • Client Report
    • Current User Rates Report

Time-Tractor 3.2

Compared to version 3.0:

  • Encoded Passwords
  • Export to XLS (Excel) files
  • Viewing Users Timetrack
  • Application Settings - Currency, Date/Time/Week formats, etc.
  • Summary Report by Employee
  • Forgot Password feature
  • Changes in the Profile form
  • Online Help

Time-Tractor 3.0

Compared to version 2.01:

  • ORACLE Database Support
  • New Format for the Work Types Report
  • Rates History in the Work Types Report
  • Setting User Rates per Period
  • No Re-Login after User Changes His Profile
  • Changes in Calendar Design
  • New User's Manual
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Incorrect display of quotes and other special symbols
    • Incorrect calculation of total working hours for a period in reports
    • The Users page losing its Department setting while trying to edit or add user properties
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