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Time-Tractor is a web based PHP-written time tracking software designed for companies with personnel ranging from 15 to 200 persons, for them to be able to effectively manage working time of employees and calculate salaries based on personal timesheets filled online.

Time-Tractor easily handles hourly wage rates for employees/projects/departments, automatically calculates salaries and expenses, generates various time & cost reports via web-interface. The tool is tailored for those companies where time management is a crucial issue.

The main advantage of Time-Tractor compared to other time tracking tools is its ability to generate detailed Manager/Client reports on time spent by specific employees on certain projects. Every working hour is taken into account!

Time-Tractor mainly targets corporate Intranet network users. The advantages are obvious:

  • Using an Intranet corporate version of Time-Tractor lets users rely on sufficient capacity of communication channels as well as on handy application use, which is not always the case with the Internet.
  • Time-Tractor handles confidential information crucial for any business - that is why inconsistencies and corruption in course of the program operation (especially unauthorized access) are absolutely unacceptable. Although Time-Tractor itself is well protected from unwanted break-ins, it is often used in a combination with other products, which aren´t secure enough. So it is more reasonable to use the application inside a safer environment.

Time-Tractor may be successfully used by:

  • employees, who need to carefully track their time spent on certain tasks, projects and work types;
  • depatment/project leaders looking for a tracking tool complemented with accurate and well-timed reports on time/money spent on tasks/projects;
  • managers, who require structured information to optimize staff management, increase productivity and cope with rates/salaries;
  • consultants, IT specialists, accountants, lawyers, etc, who need a convenient and reliable tool for time-based billing.

Time-Tractor is accessed using a browser and requires no client installation. It includes all the standard timesheet and hourly rate entry functions, project tracking abilities as well as automatic salary calculation and comprehensive time & cost reporting.

Filling timesheets has now also become available for PDA owners. To enjoy this brand new add-on, just install the Time-Tractor Win CE or Palm Client application on your PDA to be able to enter your time records from wherever you are, so to eventually download the information entered to a Time-Tractor server.

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