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PDA Support

From now on all Time-Tractor users are welcome to install the application on their PDA's. Palm, Pocket PC and Windows CE are supported. Softerra Time-Tractor PDA Clients enable users to carefully track their time spent on certain tasks and projects based on work types assigned, as well as to download these time records to the Softerra Time-Tractor server. Softerra Time-Tractor PDA Client a free to try fully functional daily time tracking solution for your business.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the application on your PDA and the relating synchronization program on your PC.
    For Pocket PC and Windows CE: simply connect PDA to PC and run the downloaded installation program.
    For Palm:
    - install Time-Tractor Palm Client on you PDA using the HotSync application;
    - install Time-Tractor Palm Client Conduit on your PC and make sure that TA Palm Client Conduit appears in the HotSync Conduit list (right-click the HotSync icon and open the "Custom.." item in the menu);
  2. Start the application on your PDA.
  3. In the Settings (Options) dialog of the Time-Tractor Palm Client you'll need to set the following parameters:
    • Time-Tractor Server Type (Light, Standard, Enterprise);
    • Your Login and Password for the Time-Tractor server;
    • Time-Tractor server URL (for Time-Tractor.com it should be Time-Tractor.com/tastandard or Time-Tractor.com/taenterprise)
  4. Make sure your PC is connected to the Internet;
  5. Start the synchronization process (for Pocket PC and Windows CE: connect PDA to PC; for Palm: start HotSync on PDA). If the above procedure went successfully, your projects and work types will get copied to your PDA to further enable the addition of new timesheet records. (for Time-Tractor Light this step is not mandatory, so you you'll be able to add new timesheet records right away).
  6. After you have worked with the application for a few days, you'll be able to download the newly added time records from your PDA to the Time-Tractor Server. To do this, go over the previous step again.
    Please note: as soon as the synchronization is over, the successfully downloaded time records will be removed from PDA.
    A time record will not be synchronized in the following cases:
    • If its time range overlaps with records in the server database.
    • If an Employee is no longer allowed to edit his/her timesheet for a certain period.

Screen Shots

Desktop Main Screen Preferences Add/Edit Time Record


Product Download
Time-Tractor Pocket PC Client Application Download
Time-Tractor Palm Client Application Download
Time-Tractor Palm Client Conduit (synchronization program) Download
Time-Tractor Windows CE Client (application plus synchronization program) Download
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