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You are welcome to use Time-Tractor 6.3 online (including PDA support) with three months trial period, which means that when comes the expiry date, users will no longer be entitled to adding any more time records. However, the above restriction will not in any way affect the time data previously entered - it will stay intact, stored securely in the database.

Finally, in case you wish to continue using the online service, you'll need to a request that is going to be considered in terms of either an option of creating a special custom online account with a flexible validity term, or switching to the Intranet version with free data transfer granted.

The site's main objective continues to be the promotion of Time-Tractor, so the tracking facilities offered should be considered as nothing more than new feature demonstration. The online service is offered for free trial in order to give you an idea of all the advantages of Time-Tractor Intranet software with extended functionality.

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