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The FAQ section reviews some of the issues concerning web based timesheet functionality and offers some clues on how our time tracking software can be applied inside your organization.

If I buy a license, will it include support?

If you become a registered user, Softerra will guarantee free assistance in setting up Time-Tractor on your local server, provided you grant temporary access rights for this purpose. Besides, all registered users of the product are entitled to discounts when it comes to customizations, and will of course be the first who we help in solving all sorts of software related issues.

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How does Softerra plan to further enhance Time-Tractor?

This mainly depends on Time-Tractor user feedbacks. If you have a suggestion or believe that there is something that requires improvement, please use the feedback form to post your suggestion.

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Where can Time-Tractor be used best?

Any person or organization needing to carefully monitor their time spent on business related tasks/projects/work types is sure to find Time-Tractor to be a perfect choice. It is especially useful for time-based consultants like IT specialists, accountants, lawyers, etc, whose success depends on handy and accurate time tracking.

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How much is using the online demo at Time-Tractor.com?

You are welcome to use Time-Tractor Standard version online (including PDA support) for free during a three months trial period. After the trial is over, it means no more time records to be added. However, the fact of the above restriction being imposed will not in any way affect the time data previously entered - it will stay intact, stored securely in the database.

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What is ´work types´?

In Time-Tractor, work types represent different working categories. Assume there is an IT company having two departments - Web Design and Software Development. So, to be able to distinguish between different areas of responsibility for, say, programmers, you might want to use the following work types: database design, system design, coding and testing, while designers may be involved in: concept and style creation, banner design, web design and animation. And, there is always a difference in the way people get paid depending on a particular work they do and time they spent on a task (usually, on an hourly basis). This difference is determined by pay rates (per hour) to be set for each work type.

For more details on work types and rates, please consult the Time-Tractor User Manual.

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What is ´positions´?

In Time-Tractor, a position is a post of employment in a company, a job. Here are some of the examples of positions: Junior Programmer, Programmer, Senior Programmer, System Analyst. Please note that in the current version the term is used for informational purposes only.

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What kind of restrictions are associated with Time-Tractor.com compared to the Intranet Time-Tractor version?

Compared to Time-Tractor Enterprise, Time-Tractor.com has got only one restriction: users are not allowed to change Levels section. Compared to Time-Tractor Standard, Time-Tractor.com has got no extra restrictions whatsoever.

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After successful installation of PHP and Time-Tractor, the following message is displayed when trying to access the system:
Notice: Undefined variable ... on line ....

If you come across such a message, we recommend you check the following settings in the PHP.ini file:

In [PHP] section:

  • allow_call_time_pass_reference = On
  • error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

in [Data Handling] section

  • register_globals = On

in [Session] section:

  • session.gc_maxlifetime = 7200
  • session.auto_start = 1
  • session.save_path = any existing temporary folder on your PC

Make sure you restart your web server after the changes have been applied!

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After successful installation of PHP and Time-Tractor, the TA mail features do not seem to work properly

We recommend you check the following settings in the PHP.ini file:

in [mail] section

  • SMTP = your SMTP server
  • sendmail_from = your email

Make sure you restart your web server after the changes have been applied!

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Is there any chance of a data loss at Time-Tractor.com? Is my online information secure and well-protected?

We do guarantee the best possible security for your online Time-Tractor data, even if you discontinue using it due to a trial period expiration or for personal reasons. However, in case you are interested to have your data back, or if you decide to purchase an Intranet version or order a customization of your online account, we will send you an SQL dump containing all the data entered until then. Rest assured that all your information is safe with us.

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